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Welcome to the new USG Internal Image Gallery!

We’ve built this site for you, our reps, as the go-to resource to view and share photographs of projects in which our products are installed. We ask that everyone with access to this secure internal site use it to house all of your project photographs, instead of saving them locally on your computers and iPads. This will allow you and your colleagues to benefit from a much larger pool of visuals to help facilitate discussions with your customers.

Please commit to uploading images as frequently as possible to make this a successful and helpful sharing site. Use these three easy-to-follow instructions to get your images uploaded:

1.    Updating the image file name – It’s important all image file names follow the USG digital standard. File names need to be in lowercase with a dash between each word, using this configuration: productname-projectname-projectstate. Examples of our image file naming standard are celebration-fashion-outlets-chicago-il or halcynon-penske-bmw-ca-2.

Note: In the above example the project city is unknown. When there are multiple images for a project identify them by adding a unique number (1, 2, 3, etc.) at the end of each image file name.

2.    After the image file(s) is renamed, the following easy-to-use form needs to be filled out. This information is critical to the search and filter functionality on the site. It’s also what drives the Image Details information on the Image Detail Landing page. Please provide as much information as possible for each of the images you’re requesting to be uploaded. 

Ceilings Internal Image Gallery Form

3.    Email the images and updated spreadsheet to Esther Medina at for uploading.

A few important details to note:

  1. The carousel window above loops a few of the most recently uploaded photographs, in real time
  2. Search for images in the “What are you looking for?” window and/or by using the filters in the left-hand navigation bar. As more and more images are uploaded, and more tags are assigned to each image, the more details you’ll find in the navigation bar – all for improved and more robust search functionality.
  3. You can always go ‘home’ by clicking on the “Internal Image Gallery” header at the top.

If you have any questions about this site, please reach out to one of the following individuals:

  1. Esther Medina, Marketing:
  2. Jen McDougall, Marketing:
  3. Stacy Craig, Marketing:



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